The Emerging Technology Coordination Committee (ETCC) develops and enhances the UK amateur radio repeater and data communications systems and promotes the introduction and rollout of appropriate new technologies.


Hiya mb7iok is back on air and changed Freq I would love signal reports with it being changed locations to Gillingham..
tibs01@steve-gibbs.co.uk for signal reports thanks
2e0sgg /2E0SGG

Amersham repeaters
All repeaters on the Amersham site have now been restored to full service. The router has been re-sited and now has a reasonable 4G signal. /G6FGY

We have recently sold 6x cavity filters for the 2m band, and have 4 more cavity's for sale. If you are interested Please email us, it would be great to know they are in use for another repeater. /M1CMN

Can we request that repeater keepers with MMDVM boxes that are currently linked to DVSPh-K (used to be Phoenix-K) consider moving them across to the DVSPh-A server. Also could we request that hotspot users, including MB6 Gateways etc, currently on the DVSPh-A server, migrate across to the DMR+_IPSC2-DVSPh-F server instead. Both these changes will help to even the load between the various servers to ensure that we can maintain a good level of service across the network. Thank you for your co operation. DVScotland-Phoenix Admin Team /GB7DVS

We are pleased to announce that our DMR Pheonix Repeater GB7SU has moved to join the rest of our repeaters at Hightown, in Thornhill, Southampton.
The coverage will be slightly better then that of GB3SU, with slightly higher RSSI readings.
The move from the west side of the city will increase the coverage area significantly, and bring Pheonix DMR to most of Hampshire, parts of West Sussex, South east Wiltshire, East Dorset and the northern half of the Isle of Wight.
GB7SU is on 439.450Mhz, with a - 9Mhz Transmit split, it uses “colour code 8”, and is permitted 24.5 Watts ERP,... with an aerial 54M ( 177 feet ) above the leafy suburbs of Hightown, overlooking the City, Southampton Water, The Forest, Portsmouth and much of the Island.
further details from our website GB3SH.co.uk under GB7SU /G4MYS

What talkgroups are available on FreeSTAR UK DMR+. Well you will find out all about IPSC2 here. A new kind of DMR, Quality, Reliability. FreeSTAR DMR+ IPSC2-FreeSTAR. The UK’s Official! #DMRplus #DMR #Motorola #Hytera #MMDVM /M0VUB

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