The Emerging Technology Coordination Committee (ETCC) develops and enhances the UK amateur radio repeater and data communications systems and promotes the introduction and rollout of appropriate new technologies.


Our 28.215 beacon is now qrv 1/4 wave vertical 8 watts Mode CW FT8 / /

GB3JB, the linked SWC 2m DMR repeater, was switched off at approx., 14:50 local time today, 29th Sept.
This was in preparation for the change over to the NEW SWC Cluster server, which will provide Dial-On-Demand capability via slot 1 TG 9. It is anticipated that the new server will go live on the 1st October.
GB3JB is now being reprogrammed, as is the router, and it is anticipated that both will return to the site, and re-activated, some time between the morning of 30th September and the evening of the 1st October.
73, Dave, G3ZXX

Unfortunately, we have had to postpone the antenna installation work scheduled for 29/09/22, due to access difficulties. This is now rescheduled for Wednesday 19/10/22, weather permitting. Other work on site continues and we remain determined that VI will be on the air in the near furture. /G8PYT

GB7DL in Skegness, spec updated & license re-issued in Sept, thanks to the ETCC. DL is co-joined with other DStar Repeaters on Reflector DCS102S. Activity on DL includes the VK Net on Tuesday at 11.30 BST & the Tuesday ARRG.US Net at 14.15 BST etc. Come and join us on GB7DL ! /G4HFG

GB3DC & GB7DC Repeaters Will Now Be Operating On Reduced Hours Due To Electricity Cost Increase From October. Proposed Hours Of Operation Are 7am to 10pm. 73 de Dom G7NPW

We have experienced interference on the output of GB3TR in the form of a C4FM signal.At this time we are investigating. We have the C4FM node owner call and we are trying alert him. /G8XST

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